It’s Cold in Miami?


Sweater Men’s Vintage Tommy Hilfiger (Similar) Chanel Bag (Similar) Christian Louboutin Boots (Similar) Hat Isabel Marant

Photos: Gen

As the temperatures are dropping here in Sunny Miami,  all of us are busting out our hats & boots. Im loving the oversized everything trend lately (copy girl forever), it seemed fitting that I scavenged through my dads closet and borrowed one of his sweaters and wore it as a dress. However, if you’re not into the whole wearing a shirt (sweater) as a dress thing then this outfit could easily be paired with a skirt, denim shorts, or even jeans by tucking the sweater in and voila you have a completely different look, capturing the same essence. I wore a red bag for a pop of color, but if you’re into the whole monochrome look then any bag could work, or a colored hat would suffice. And well the boots, lets just say they are the best purchase I have ever made – so comfortable and versatile, the make every outfit.

Stay warm guys!


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